Thank you, Peter

Peter Prevc ended his sports career today in Planica. On his 346th World Cup competition, he secured the 6th place, with his final jump measuring 226.5 meters. Peter bid farewell in front of almost 20 thousand spectators in the magical setting of the valley beneath the Ponca Mountains.


The fairytale image of snow-covered Planica, bathed in sunlight, offered an exceptional first round of the final ski jumping competition in the 2023/24 season. Austrian Daniel Huber led convincingly with a jump of 247 meters and 243.5 points. Second was Polish jumper Aleksander Zniszczol with 237 meters and 219.8 points, followed by Domen Prevc in third with 233 meters and 218.2 points. Peter Prevc concluded his penultimate jump of his career at 233.5 meters, gathering 213.4 points for the 5th place, followed closely by Lovro Kos with 231.5 meters and 212.4 points. Anže Lanišek flew 199.5 meters, securing the 25th position with 178.2 points.

In the final round, Lanišek soared to 208 meters, totaling 352.8 points for the final 25th place of the season. Kos jumped 215 meters, earning 409.0 points for the final 10th place. As the fifth after the first round, Peter took his last approach to the ramp. He pushed to 226.5 meters, accumulating 422.4 points for the sixth place in his career's final competition. In the battle for the podium, his brother Domen thrilled the audience with a 238-meter jump, earning 444.3 points and securing another Slovenian presence on the podium with a second-place finish for the season! Only the exceptional Austrian, Daniel Huber, surpassed him with a dominating 242.5-meter jump, gathering a total of 487.7 points! The third place in the competition went to the Polish jumper Zniszczol with 237.5 meters and 438.1 points.

Daniel Huber was the winner of the final ski jumpin event in Planica. Photo. Bobo


Daniel Huber's outstanding flights under the Ponca Mountains also secured him the overall victory in the ski flying World Cup, with Stefan Kraft trailing by 3 points, today's fourth-placed. Peter clinched the third place in ski flying, followed by Timi Zajc in 4th and Domen Prevc in 5th overall.

In the overall World Cup standings, Stefan Kraft confidently claimed the top spot ahead of Japan's Ryoyu Kobayashi and Germany's Andreas Wellinger, while Peter Prevc concluded his final season in 5th place as the best Slovenian, with the national team finishing just behind the Austrians in the Nations Cup.

Austrins are team champions for 203/2024. Photo: Bobo

The central spectacle "Thank You, Peter", made possible by Zavarovalnica Triglav, began after the final awards ceremony on Sunday. Drums and fanfares announced the start, with screens showing Peter Prevc's first jump in Planica. Saša Avsenik's ensemble, accompanied by 40 dancers, performed the iconic "Planica" song. A video of Peter's longest career jump followed.

Last jump for Peter Prevc. Photo: Bobo


Tomi Meglič and Vlado Kreslin sang "Od višine se zvrti" together on the roof of the Nordic Center Planica. Accompanied by the music of Laibach's rendition of "Oj, Triglav my home", 30 dancers signaled Peter Prevc's arrival at the end of the dance. A short ceremonial program and a recording of the presentation of the large crystal globe ensued. Saša Avsenik's ensemble and Luka Sešek paid tribute to Peter with a rendition of "Time to say goodbye". Peter Prevc's departure from the venue was accompanied by a flyover of three Police helicopters.

Thank you, Peter!

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