Slovenes start the weekend with a strong team performance

A ski jumping weekend in Planica has started today with the official training and qualifying round. World best ski jumper started the training at 9 o’clock in the morning but because the temperatures were high, the ice track melted. After Jan Hoerl struggled to keep the balance in the inrun position, the officials decided to cancel second training round and postpone qualifying round to later in the afternoon.


The Slovenes showed a strong team performance since Anze Lanisek won and Timi Zajc finished in the second place. Norwegian Johann Andre Forfang managed to put up a great performance and finished in the third place. Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki and Peter Prevc followed in the fourth, fifth and sixth place.

Anže Lanišek: “Fans give us that extra support, so I took some time for them between the training and qualifying round. I personally know how much it means to a kid to collect signatures, so I didn’t forget about them. Even if there were problems with the inrun, the ice melted a bit and it wasn’t smooth, I managed to relax in the first jump, so I started the day quite well. In qualifying round, I already knew what to fix and I know I can improve some things tomorrow as well.”

Timi Zajc: “The atmosphere at the training in the morning was crazy. There were so many fans that it felt very special to fly. It’s a shame that the qualifying round was postponed. I hope that lots of spectators come to cheer for us during the weekend, so we can make them happy. “

Robert Hrgota: “Today was not to exhausting for me. I just stand the and wave the flag, but it’s hard to stay focused all day while sky flying, because the pressure is a bit different. It’s very good that they managed to stay focused and did very well in the qualifying round, but the competition starts tomorrow. But I’m very happy about the level at which men were jumping today, same as last two weekends.

Individual competition with forty best jumpers from todays qualifying round starts tomorrow at 14 o’clock.

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