The flying hill test will get underway

More than 70 cm of new snow fell in Planica over the night, but the diligent Planica workers proved themselves once again and the late afternoon test of the flying hill is not endangered.


OC secretary general, Tomaž Šušteršič

When we talk about extraordinary circumstances in Planica we first talk about Covid circumstances, which caused many changes and this second attempt of organization of the 26th FIS Ski Flying World Championships. Second circumstance is the weather that we witnessed in Planica in the last 24 hours. We had 70 cm of fresh snow, which didn’t make our job any easier. But we were expecting the snowfall and adapted our activities.

The last information from our medical service is that all the teams were tested negative when arriving to Slovenia, which can be really considered as a special satisfaction. Now we know that everyone here is healthy. Additional testing is still underway today, so that the infection doesn’t appear in the coming days.

Chief of competition, Jelko Gros

Every Planica is different, you have to prepare every time. We’ve been up all night, cleaning the inrun and hardening the snow with the snowcat. Because we didn’t want to get surprised by 60 cm of snow in the morning. The flying hill test will get underway but it won’t be easy. Tomorrow everything will be ready to the last detail.


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