Planica with successful presentation at the FIS Congress

Planica with successful presentation at the FIS Congress

Weather forecast for Planica for the years 2020 and 2021: ''In winter 2020 we can expect perfect flying conditions, while for 2021, globally, the weather may go wild a little bit, with prospects of big freeze up in Northern Europe and a touch of tropic in Southern Germany. But for Planica we see some fantastic prospect: the brilliantly preserved nature here will continue to enable this ideal microclimate environment with stable conditions and enough snow.''



This was introduction to today's presentation of Planica in front of the FIS Council, which took place in the style of TV news, the so-called Ski News. The role of the host belonged to Igor E. Bergant, while the presentation was composed of breaking news – ''live'' reports from Slovenia and interviews in the studio.

First we saw an announcement from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Miro Cerar, who in the name of the government gave support to candidacies in 2020 and 2021: ''My Government strongly believes that the brand new Nordic Centre of Planica meets the highest possible technical and environmental standards to host these most prestigious events. We have all the means and skills to provide the set up for two fantastic World Championships. Planica is our cultural treasure, we also have the tradition, an all-national public support and last but not least we have many outstanding athletes. We also know, that Planica with all its legacy, hospitality and new state-of-the-art facilities would most probably be a popular choice by the majority of athletes.''

This was followed by an interview with the president of the Ski Association of Slovenia, Enzo Smrekar, who received a question, what has changed since the last bid and why would Slovenia be an appropriate host, although it's a small country with a small market: ''Planica has a big symbolic meaning and a big public support. The new Nordic centre is built and has already hosted big events; it's probably the most state-of-the-art centre of this kind in the world. Slovenia may be small, but it's in the heart of Europe and the European Union, it's one of the safest and best preserved places in the world; we have the tradition but we are really good of landing positive surprises. I'm a businessman myself and I know we successfully trade niche products – and this is it, this is Nordic Skiing.''

After that we saw the ambassador of Planica 2021, Petra Majdič. She said: ''The new centre is great, the tracks are fantastic, it's the best place possible for skiers and spectators to explore something genuine and new. Slovenian fans are great, the location of Slovenia is ideal for fans from all over the world, the atmosphere will be fantastic!''

The Council was then presented with a special report about Planica and the surrounding region, which doesn't live only in times of large sports events. The whole region is in fact a great tourist destination in all seasons. Planica, Kranjska Gora, the neighbouring regions in Italy and Austria and Slovenia as a whole is active, green, healthy and safe destination, an old friend for some or a hidden gem for all others waiting to be discovered in 2021.

Another ambassador of Planica 2021, Franci Petek, was asked if an argument in favour of Planica 2021 is the fact that Slovenia is one of the superpowers in Ski Jumping: ''We're probably the biggest ski jumping nation which has never hosted the Nordic World Championships, our team deserves it, it will be even better. Slovenia can be a role model, we have everything it takes, we would like to share this with the world.''

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