Nordic Weekend in Planica cancelled

Planica Organizing Committee in cooperation with all the partners of the event decided to cancel the FIS Cross-Country World Cup and FIS Nordic Combined World Cup scheduled for 22 and 23 January 2022.

Despite snowy conditions, almost prepared sports facilities and temporary infrastructure in Nordic Centre Planica, the critical epidemiological situation in Slovenia and Europe requires a lot of additional work and responsibilities in providing a safe environment for all stakeholders. Moreover, the rise in Covid-19 infections and projections of further increases in the coming days make this even more difficult. According to experts, it is not possible to provide sufficient protection for competitors, accompanying teams, and all employees involved in the organization of such a large event. Last but not least, the Nordic Weekend in Planica is scheduled just before the start of the Beijing Winter Olympics, so some foreign teams have already reconsidered their arrival to Planica or even changed their teams to include B team members. According to epidemiological forecasts, the situation in the ranks of organizers and support services would also be seriously endangered, as the reduced number of team-members would not be able to carry out a top-quality event which is usually provided in Planica.

"In the current epidemiological situation 100% safety cannot be guaranteed. Unvaccinated people will sooner or later become infected due to the high infectivity of the virus and risky contacts which would lead to the quarantine of a large number of other people, including foreign athletes. The current epidemiological situation in the country is poor and we are primarily trying to maintain the operation of critical infrastructure. At the same time, we prefer not to recommend events that pose additional risks for infections,” said dr. Irena Grmek Košnik, MD, National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food and National Institute of Public Health and Covid-19 coordinator in Planica Organizing Committee.

In the light of all the above, we are aware that the safety and health of all of us is important more than anything, so we made this difficult but responsible decision.

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