Slovenes with another victory

Saturday´s team competition in Planica ended with team Slovenia at the top, Norway in second and Austria in third place. Ziga Jelar, Peter Prevc, Timi Zajc and Anze Lanisek were jumping for the winning team.


After first round Slovenia was in the lead, Norway was second, Austria third and the only country that could also fight for podium was Poland. But in the second round that order has not changed. Slovenia got a second home victory this weekend.

Last competition of season starts tomorrow at 10 o´clock and best thirty jumpers are going to compete. We are going to see the final decision in the Planica 7 standings. After todays competition Timi Zajc is the new leader and has 8.8 points more than his closest rival Peter Prevc.

Peter Prevc: “The atmosphere during the competition was intense, because it turned out, that Austrians and Norwegians improved over night. We are happy and satisfied with our victory. We knew that anything could happed today, so we were focused. At the end of the day, everything ended well for our team. We are happy and satisfied.“

Anže Lanišek: "This is that crazy atmosphere that we have been missing for the last two years. I am very happy that we managed to show such good jumps in front of the home audience. I was a bit nervous before the first jump, which showed in the end result and that is why I am not satisfied with it. The second jump is a whole another story because I managed to relax and really enjoy being in the air. Fans and spectators really increased their appetites this weekend. We can't all be in the top 4 every single day. The most important thing is that we won and that we enjoyed ourselves."

Timi Zajc: "I am going to remember today's competition forever. The energy under the Ponce mountains was crazy. Honestly, I haven't even thought about winning today. We were all aware that we needed eight good jumps. I have to admit that the Norwegians did a really good job aswell. Today's competition was an interesting one. Tomorrow is a new day which means a new start. I need to get a good night sleep and get ready for a new competition."

Žiga Jelar: "The fairytale continues. I am living my dream. We have already heard our Zdravljica twice this weekend. Planica with spectators is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. As for my performance today I think that I showed some really good jumps. Maybe today's two performances weren't as good as yesterday's second jump, but I am still very happy about the end result and am looking forward to the last competition of the season."

Marius  Lindvik: “The atmosphere today was insanely good. There were so many people in the stadium, they were really loud and jumps were long, so the day was nice.“

Stefan Kraft: “We waited for this final a long time. Planica is the best place to jump and the crowd is always great. Today we had a little bit of head wind, which I like. I am happy that I managed to jump over 240 meters for the first time this year and it was fun.“

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