Žiga Jelar claims maiden victory and shares podium with his teammates

Team Slovenia swept the podium in today’s first individual competition in Planica this weekend. After first round things were looking well for the Slovenes since five of them occupied first five places. Timi Zajc was in the lead, followed by Ziga Jelar and Domen Prevc in the second and third place. Peter Prevc, Anze Lanisek and Yukiya Sato were fourth, fifth and sixth.


In the second round things changed a bit. Anze Lanisek managed to gain two places and finished in third place, also Peter Prevc climbed up the ladder and finished in second place. Ziga Jelar showed two great jumps and won for the first time in his career. Timi Zajc, Ryoyu Kobayashi and Stefan Kraft finished in places four, five and six.

This competition has made this weekend even more exciting because we will be able to follow some interesting overall decisions. Firstly, Lanisek managed to stay in the lead in the Planica 7 standings, but he is only two points ahead of Jelar. Secondly, Ryoyu Kobayashi has increased his lead against Karl Geiger in the overall world cup standings and has 89 points more. Lastly, the fight for the small crystal globe in ski flying remains open and we will see the final decision on Sunday.

Team competition starts on Saturday at 9:45. Eight nations are going to compete.


»I am celebrating my first victory in my career today. On top of everything I was able to achieve it in my home in Planica and the fact that I was able to stand next to my colleauges Peter and Anže right next to Timi is a real life fairytale. Tomorrow is a new day and I think that if everyone shows what they know best, we can expect new podiums. We just have to focus.«


»It was a crazy day today! The fans made the competition even more special than it already was. Nevertheless, tomorrow is a new day and time for a new competition. In tomorrow's team competition we are starting from scratch. Even though we were able to show some very good jumps today and we made it to the podium, we have to calm down and really focus on our jumps so that we can show the world what we do best.«

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