Children's laughter in the valley beneath the Ponca Mountains

Thursday in Planica is reserved for children's laughter and joy. This year, more than 5000 children and their chaperones visited Planica, with the traditional viewing of the qualifications made possible by Zavarovalnica Triglav.


As part of the Children of Triglav project in Planica, for over four decades, they have been providing children from various backgrounds with the opportunity to closely follow their sports heroes. Through this project, they encourage young people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

For the second consecutive year, young artists have had the opportunity to participate in the Create a Trophy competition, where they drew the design for the Planica 7 competition trophy. The author of this year's winning design is 12-year-old Tjaša from Limbuš. She will have a special honor – she will personally present the trophy to the winner of the overall standings of the best seven jumps in Planica. Under the guidance of Cene Prevc, Tjaša will visit Planica on Sunday, tour the ski flying hill, and socialize with Slovenian ski jumpers.

The "Winner 7" trophy is created using 3D printing, and among the materials used is artificial grass from the Mengeš ski jumping club, which was damaged by floods.

Today's qualifications were also traditionally attended by young Slovenes from all over the various Slovenian communities abroad. At the invitation of the Minister for Slovenes in the Border Areas and Abroad, Matej Arčon, and in cooperation with the Ski Association of Slovenia and Slovenian umbrella sports organizations in all neighboring countries, 500 children and young people from abroad attended today's qualifications.

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