Malysz the best in qualifications

Fourty ski jumpers qualified for today’s competition that begin at 3.30 AM in Planica. Malysz put down a dominant flight of 114.5 meters.

Thirteen ski jumpers surpassed the 200 meters mark (of course some of the best ranked didn’t attend the qualifications): Sigurd Pettersen (214 m), Simon Ammann (212,5 m), Anders Jacobsen (212 m), Anders Bardal (206.5 m), Isak Grimholm (205.5 m), Robert Kranjec (203.5 m), David Lazzaroni (203.5 m), Tom Hilde (202.5 m), Andreas Kuettel (201.5 m), Wolfgang Loitzl (200.5 m), Thomas Morgenstern (200.5 m) and Johan Erikson (200 m).

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