Competition in Planica will take place on the flying hill

Competition in Planica will take place on the flying hill

"Competition in Planica will take place on the flying hill," were the first words of Primož Finžgar, secretary general, at the Organizing committee's press conference. "I believe that this is going to be a big magnet for the spectators. We're expecting good conditions, which will allow a new world record. It makes us very happy that the whole investment will be finished this year. The Nordic center will be completed and the organizer will receive the infrastructure for the largest events."

Jože Ajdišek, head of commission for traffic and tickets, said afterwards: "Traffic arrangement will be different this year due to construction site in Planica. With the pre-sale of the tickets we will receive information about the vehicles inflow, with which we will find suitable solutions. We ask the visitors to use the public transportation, buses and train. Price of the ticket is about 25 % lower than in regular sales, which is a nice stimulation."

"The new hill is about 10 to 12 meters larger in all the parameters, but we will see what that means. You can fly far in good conditions, but in less favourable ones we can expect distances at around 230 meters," said Jelko Gros, chief of competition and concluded: "The world record is possible."

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