Kranjec carried by he’s teammates to his last weekend of competition

This morning twelve Slovenian ski jumpers departed from the main railway station in Ljubljana, Slovenia and headed towards Planica, where they’ll compete at the finals of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup season.


Robi Kranjec je takole prišel na vlak v Ljubljani (c) ZZjr/BOBO

Days between 21st and 24th of March will once again go down in Slovenian sports history books. Robert Kranjec, one of the best ski-flyers of all time, will soar through the air for the last time in his career. This morning ‘’The Flying Kranjec’’ was brought to his final path to the World Cup competition on he’s teammates shoulders. As tradition goes the Slovenian team headed towards Planica by train, as do many sports fans who visit the valley under the Ponce mountains every year.

Kranjec, who will try to improve the record of the highest number of flights over 200 meters, which he holds, i.e. 206 of them, will be accompanied in tomorrow’s qualifications by eleven Slovenian eagles - Timi Zajc, Domen Prevc, Anže Semenič, Peter Prevc, Anže Lanišek, Jernej Damjan, Žiga Jelar, Jurij Tepeš, Tilen Bartol, Bor Pavlovčič and Jaka Hvala.

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