Great win for Gregor Schlierenzauer

Gregor Schlierenzauer was the great winner of Friday's ski jumping competition in Planica. The Austrian accomplished the majority of work in the first round when he defeated the rest of the competitors with the 232.5 m long jump, which was 20 metres longer than Ahonen’s who was on the second place. The flight was also the fourth longest jump in the history of ski jumping.

The jumpers mostly flew farther in the second round than in the first one, but "Schlieri" was the longest of them all also in the second round with the 225 metres long jump. He won 447 points. Jane Ahonen secured the second place (Finland, 427.8 points, 212.5m and 221.5 metres long flights). Björn Einar Romören, the winner of yesterday’s qualification round, finished on the 3rd place (Norway, 420.6 points, 209 and 216 metres long flights).

The best Slovenian jumper was Robert Kranjec who finished on the 18th place (188.5 and 204.0 metres long flights). Jurij Tepeš finished on the 24th place, Jernej Damjan on the 27th and Primož Pikl on the 28th place.

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