Planica 7: Daniel Huber Soars Over 240 Meters Twice for Victory

Austrian Daniel Huber Sets the Planica Record of the Year 2024 with a 247-Meter Jump in the First Series of the Season's Final Competition, Further Cementing his Victory with a Final Leap of 242.5 Meters. Peter Prevc took the second place in this year's Planica 7 competition.


Daniel Huber of Austria left no room for his competitors to even contemplate taking the top spot in the Planica 7 competition. He clinched the victory in magnificent style with a commanding win ahead of Domen Prevc and Aleksander Zniszczol from Poland.

In the overall standings, Daniel Huber triumphed with 1374.6 points, earning himself a prize worth 20,000 Swiss francs.

Planica 7, final standings:

  1. Daniel Huber (Aut) 1374.6 points
  2. Peter Prevc (Slo) 1282.4 points
  3. Johann Andre Forfang (Nor) 1256.5 points
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