225 meters on the flying hill test

The snowfall calmed down during the day but then the fog crept in. All this did not prevent the test of the flying hill in Planica under the floodlights.


After a few postponements the test began at 16.50. Like one year ago, the honour to make the first flight went to Rok Tarman a member of local club ND Rateče Planica. After landing at 148 meters Rok said: ‘’It’s not my first time here but when someone says he’s not scared, he’s lying. You have respect for such a large hill. But we have lots of experience, no matter the situation, we can jump safely. The fog made a difference though, you couldn’t even see where you’re flying but it’s important to see where you’re landing.’’

Altogether we saw 9 jumps over 200 meters, the longest of the day being 225 meters by Lovro Kos.

Tomorrow’s official training starts at 13.30, while the qualifications will follow at 16.00.

Flying hill test results:

Rok Tarman, 148 m - 156 m
Lojze Petek, 136 m - 182 m
Cene Prevc, 209 m - 210 m
Lovro Kos, 209 m - 225 m
Andraž Pograjc, 194 m - 204 m
Lovro Vodušek, 144 m - 175 m
Matevž Samec, 200 m - 203 m
Nik Fabjan, 193 m - 209 m
Nejc Toporiš, 169 m - 199 m
Jošt Sušnik, 134 m - 143 m
Domen Presterl, 145 m - 147 m
Urban Sušnik, 125 m - 126 m
Matija Štemberger, 152 m - 148 m
Matija Vidic, / - 133 m
Gašper Sršen, 139 m - 142 m
Ernest Prišlič, 199 m - 207 m


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