Enzo Smrekar elected to FIS Council

On today’s virtual, 52nd FIS Congress, Mr. Enzo Smrekar, president of the Ski Association of Slovenia and president of the OC Planica, was elected to the FIS Council with the third highest number of votes, 111 of 116.


Mr. Smrekar after the election: "This is definitely an important moment. As we know we were present in the leadership of the FIS for many years and to continue with this presence is extremely important for the Ski Association of Slovenia. On one hand, because we sit at the table with the greatest nations of this sport, and on the other, because we can equally assert our voice at this table and, of course, contribute to the development of sport. Motto of my campaign was that we are a small nation in terms of resources and infrastructure, but a nation with great results. As such, we understand the needs of smaller nations, we understand what it’s like to achieve great results with a few resources, to be brave, to have passion and, of course, to be innovative."

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