Golden girls of Slovenia

At the 47th FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships Slovenia dominated the women's team ski jumping competition. Second place went to Japan, in third place was Germany.



At the 47th FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships, the women's team ski jumping competition concluded amidst challenging weather conditions, with heavy rain hindering the competitors. After the first round on the normal hill, Slovenian athletes Tina Erzar, Taja Bodlaj, Ajda Košnjek, and Jerica Jesenko led the standings following the first four jumps. The longest jump in the Slovenian team was achieved by Bodlaj, landing at 95 meters, which was the second farthest distance in the first round. With a collective effort, Slovenia secured the first position before the final round, leading by 51.6 points ahead of Germany, with Japan in third place.

Photo: Borut Živulović/Bobo


Despite relentless rainfall and demanding jumping conditions, the Slovenian girls persevered, extending their lead with each jump. Jerica Jesenko's second jump measured 90.5 meters, a meter shorter than her first attempt. Ajda Košnjek improved slightly from her first jump, landing at 88 meters. Taja Bodlaj delivered an outstanding final jump, adding three meters to her distance. Tina Erzar sealed the team's dominance with an exceptional performance, her first jump measuring 94.5 meters, and her second, confirming Slovenian supremacy, an impressive 100.5 meters, the longest jump of the day. Erzar secured her second gold medal in Planica.


Photo: Borut Živulović/Bobo


The battle for second place unfolded between Germany and Japan, with Japan benefiting from the unfortunate fall of Germany's Megi Lou Schmidt. The Japanese team advanced one spot in the final round, securing the title of Junior World Vice Champions. The German team, accompanied by the unlucky Schmidt, who received a bronze snowflake while on crutches, joined them on the podium.

Slovenian golden girls at the medal ceremony Photo: Borut Živulović/Bobo


For Slovenia, this marked their second gold medal at the home championship and their third overall. Bodlaj contributed to the individual bronze medal.


Post-match statements:

Taja Bodlaj: "The feelings are phenomenal; it's truly wonderful to stand on the highest podium with the team. We really hoped for this, but usually, when you hope for something, things can go wrong. But all four of us managed to deliver good jumps, and we're really proud that we achieved this."

Tina Erzar: "It wasn't difficult to stay calm. I knew that the girls were capable of making the difference. I just had to jump relaxed. I succeeded in the second jump, not so much in the first. There wasn't much pressure because I knew the girls had already done everything."

Sten Baloh, Head Coach: "The competition is over. The girls won with a significant lead. We all knew, even the other coaches, that we were very strong, but I always wait for the last competitor. Then, when she finishes, I can relax. Hats off to the girls; I've already bowed to them anyway."

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