Stephan Embacher - new junior world champion

The youth world champion in Planica became the Austrian Stephan Embacher, with only a 0.8 point difference from the American Erik Belchaw, while the bronze was claimed by the German Adrian Tittel. The best local performer, Jaka Drinovec, secured the 9th position.


After the women's ski jumping competition and the great success of the Slovenian athletes, the second set of ski jumping medals was awarded today in Planica, specifically to the top juniors. After the first round, the lead was held by Austrian Stephan Embacher with a jump of 97 meters and 131.6 points, ahead of the German Adrian Tittel with 98.5 meters and 123.6 points. The third position was claimed by the Pole Tymoteusz Amilkiewicz with a jump of 95.5 meters and 122.5 points. The best local performer was Žiga Jančar in 14th place, with a jump of 93 meters and 113.5 points, followed by Jaka Drinovec in 19th place with a jump of 92 meters and 112.8 points. Enej Faletič secured the 23rd position with a jump of 92.5 meters and 111.4 points, and Rok Masle qualified for the final round in 25th place with a jump of 91 meters and 111.2 points.

In the final round, Masle advanced to the 15th place with a jump of 93 meters and 236.5 points, sharing the position with Jančar, who also jumped the same distance. Faletič gained a few positions to finish in 19th place with a jump of 92.5 meters and 234.9 points. Drinovec performed exceptionally well with a jump of 95 meters, earning 239.6 points and securing the 9th place. The victory went to Austrian Embacher, who, after a long wait and a shortened take-off, jumped 103.5 meters without telemark, accumulating 266.7 points. Erik Belshaw from the USA claimed the silver and the first American ski jumping medal with a jump of 104.5 meters and 265.9 points, while the bronze was won by the German Adrian Tittel with a jump of 101 meters and 259.3 points.

Post-Match Statements:

Stephan Embacher: "It's nice to win, and I am very satisfied with what I showed in today's competition. I couldn't be happier. I have a gold medal, which is a nice addition to an already beautiful season."

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