Martin Koch with the longest jump in the first round of the official training

In the first round of the official training the spectators have seen quite a few ski jumps that exceeded the 200 meters mark. Austrian ski jumper Martin Koch jumped the furthest, 219.5 meters. Second was the actual world record holder Bjoern Einar Romoeren with 218.5 meters. Third best jump of the first round succeeded to Adam Malysz (214 meters). Seven other ski jumpers exceeded the 200 meters mark: Andreas Widhoelzl (212.5 meters), Michael Uhrmann (210.5 meters), Robert Kranjec (209 meters), Thomas Morgenstern (206 meters), Roar Ljoekelsoey (204 meters), Michael Neumayer (201.5 meters) and Lars Bystoel (200 meters).

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