J.M. Riiber wins, Rehrl secures the overall SGP victory

The penultimate competition of the 2019 FIS Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix started at 11.00 when 58 competitors from 14 countries headed to the Bloudek giant hill for the first part of the battle for the podium.


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The overall cup leader, Austrian Franz-Josef Rehrl continued with great performances and gathered the most points (132.1) with a jump of 129.5 meters. With that he gained a 5 second advantage over the jumping runner-up Espen Andersen of Norway (132.5 m., 130.9 p.) and a 6 second lead over he’s teammate Christian Deuschl (132 m., 130.6 p.). The best home representative was Vid Vrhovnik who took 28th place (119.5 m., 103.4 p.) and therefore headed to the track 1 minute and 55 seconds after Rehrl.

Battle on the 10-kilometre track was fierce and in the end victory went to Norway. Jarl Magnus Riiber who finished the first part of the competition crossed the finish line first, Rehrl was second with just two seconds behind and the third place went to Bernhard Gruber.

Vrhovnik and another Slovenian athlete Rok Jelen did well on the rollers and managed to take the 24th and 26th spot. Rehrl who accumulated 415 points in the overall standings secured the overall victory before tomorrows competition that starts at 10.00.

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