Romören was the longest in the qualification round


Thursday’s afternoon qualification round was performed in conditions which did not allow long flights. The T-shirt of the best performer will be on tomorrow’s competition worn by the world record holder Björn Einar Romören (213m). Adam Malysz and Martin Koch also jumped over 200m.

Five of the Slovenian jumpers have also established their place among today’s competitors. Jernej Damjan was the longest with the 198.5 metres long flight. We will also keep our fingers crossed tomorrow for Robert Kranjec, Primož Pikel, Jurij Tepeš and Jure Bogataj.

Excellent flights were performed by the competitors who have the highest World Cup scores and whose performance on tomorrow’s competition is already assured. Gregor Schlierenzauer was the longest with the 223 metres long flight.

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