Slovenes excel in qualifications

On Thursday, the best ski jumpers in the world tested the Planica ski flying hill. The qualifications for Friday's competition were held in the morning. Slovenian ski jumpers showed good form and long flights on their home turf.


Anže Lanišek won the qualifications with a jump of 239 meters, which means he is also in the lead in Planica 7 standings. After the competition, he said the following in an interview with us:

Anže Lanišek: "Great jumps. I started well and tried to find the feelings I had when I ended season here last year. I want to keep those good feelings and improve my jumps. The atmosphere is incredible. You can feel the excellent energy that kids make because the are the best fans and cheer for everyone. "

Timi Zajc landed in second place with a jump of 241 meters but decided not to risk a telemark at an extreme distance.

Timi Zajc: "I'm very satisfied. I tested the ski flying hill a bit more during training, and in the qualifications, I showed an excellent jump. I gained more confidence, so I will continue tomorrow."

Domen Prevc completed the team's success with third place. He jumped 230 meters on the ski flying hill but was not entirely satisfied with his performance.

Domen Prevc: "Today was a day to get to know the ski flying hill. I thought I knew it, but the mistakes were similar to those from previous years. Tomorrow, I will try to focus on the jump and fix the mistakes."

On the first day 12.000 spectators have seen the qualification round.

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