Security and Traffic arrangements in Planica


Like previous years, a lot of visitors are expected in Planica this weekend too, so organizers have provided sufficient number of stewards (92) and security staff (13). In the days of the event they will be in charge of the security of people and property, take care of proper distance of all visitors from competition facilities and installations and enable a secure competition. Because of specific configuration of the flying-hill the organizers have ensured better scurity of visitors by installing a fence and thus enabling undistrubed movement of competitors and accredited visitors within the sporting site. Appropriate warning and notice boards have been placed at the entrance to the event site. Warning boards inform visitors that bringing objects and substances like alkoholic beverages, weapons, explosives, pyrotechnic products and other dangereous objects is prohibited. Notice boards inform visitors about marked entrances into the event site, temporary facilities (first aid, toilets) and movement of accredited visitors within the accredited area.

Good security doesn't depend only on the organizers, but on each visitor of the Planica events as well. Therefore the organizers call upon all Planica visitors to take into account all warnings and notices, and to strictly obey instructions given by the police, stewards and security staff. By joint effort and above all by organizers' hard work and visitors' cooperation a good sense of security and a joyful weekend in Planica will be achieved.

Traffic Arrangement

In the time of Planica events (official trainings and competition - March 16 to March 19, 2006) the traffic on all state roads from all directions to Planica will be two-way, heavy and therefore somewhat slower, and directed by the police assisted by firemen and stewards on the whole event site.

Winter services will take care of road maintenance, snow ploughing and salting of the roads in the case of snow. AMTC crews will take care of road assistance and towing, if needed (their vehicle will be stationed in the area Kranjska Gora - Planica).

Traffic Arrangement - Click to enlarge
Traffic Arrangement (click picture to enlarge - PDF)

Parking Sites

Snow ploughing of the regular parking sites is in the final phase, as is the preparation of additional parking sites; the permits from the landowners have been obtained.

On existing parking sites nearby Planica (Krlišče, gravel site Cipernik, cross-country ski routes) some 1.700 motor vehicles and 120 buses can be parked.

Parking sites on the area from Planica to Rateče that encompass widened part of former railroad form the crossroads towards Ledine, meadow (Makše) on the edge and at the foot of former 60 m jumping-hill, continuation of that area towards Slatno road and acces road in the direction of border crossing can accomodate from 1.000 to 1.300 vehicles, and on the right edge of the road from border crossing Rateče to crossroad to Planica up to 120 buses can be parked.

Parking sites from Rateče to Kranjska Gora (former railroad Rateče - Kranjska Gora and parking sites along it up to ski poligon Podkoren, the outrun of the Old "S" in Podkoren and Zelenci) additional parking sites by the Podkoren church and by the "stables" at border crossing and pariking sites in Kranjska Gora can accomodate around 3.200 motor vehicles and 20 buses.

Joint capacity: around 6.200 motor vehicles + around 260 buses ( 28.000-30.000 persons).

Parking places in Planica - click to enlarge.
Parking Sites in Planica (click picture to enlarge - PDF)


In the context of fluent traffic towards Planica pedestrians are a very important element. Footpaths have been treaded out and marked for them on the existing cross-country ski routes in the direction from border crossing Rateče and Kranjska gora/Podkoren. It is important that the visitors use those paths for walking and stay away from roads, so a more flutent and faster vehicle traffic will be possible.

Along the footpaths ticket sales will be organized (at so called Lijaki), so the visitors will be able to avoid the crowd at the arrival to the controlled Planica site where the entrance without a ticket will not be possible.

Policemen on the horses, stewards and firemen will direct pedestrians from roads to footpaths and enable them safe crossing at the points where the footpath crosses the road.

Circular Transfer

Circular transport form Kranjska gora (entrance at Kompas hotel) to Planica (exit at bus box No. 1) will be organized for accredited persons (competitors, technical staff, press and invited guests). The vehicles will be marked "OK/VIP" and "PRESS".

For the visitors arriving to Kranjska gora by regular bus lines or by their own vehicles and directed to the parking sites in Kranjska gora, Podkoren or those in between in Planica direction, circular bus transfer will be organized from the bus station in Kranjska gora. The buses will drive by the primary school to Bovška road where visitors will be able to enter in front of the Kompas motel (at the "temporary bus station" board). The visitors will be able to enter the buses at the bus station Podkoren as well.

In the case of the diversion of vehicles driving toward Planica (due to occupied parking sites or traffic jams) to temporary parking sites:

  • on the meadow at the outrun of the former FIS course Podkoren ("Stari S" Inn),
  • on the meadow opposite of the crossroads of the road from border crossing Korensko sedlo ("the stable),
  •  on the meadow opposite of the church in Podkoren village and
  • in Zelenci (opposite of the wooden bridge across Sava river), 

bus transfer will be organized from there to Planica and back.

Emphasis - Warnings

  • The control and directing of the traffic on public roads will be carried out by the police, assisted by stewards who will be in charge of parking. The drivers should strictly follow the instructions of the police and stewards and park according to the regime (that is especially important on the parking site Cipernik).
  • Like previous years, timely departure to Planica should be pointed out this year as well. Visitors should also take into account two to three times longer travelling time (depending on the departure time).
  • Traffic participants should strictly obey directions and instructions of the police and stewards, especially in the case of diversion to the parking sites on the route, before arriving to Planica. In that case circular bus transfer to Planica and back will be organized for those visitors.
  • Another very important issue is the discipline of the pedestrians. They shoud strictly obey instructions to stay away from roads and use treaded out and marked footpaths. For walking in snow (which is abundant in Planica this year) appropriate warm and strong footwear is recomended.
  • All visitors are invited to injoy a fine sports event in the idyllic winter scenery and are kindly requested to be patient and tolerant about eventual traffick jams or crush in the finish arena.
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