Schlierenzauer is the hero of the ski jumping final, Kranjec just bellow the winner’s stand

The final round of thirty best jumpers, performed in the cloudy weather in Planica, was the closing event of this year’s World Cup Ski jumping season. Gregor Schlierenzauer proved to be a born jumper with another win today. At the winner’s stand he was accompanied by Martin Koch and Janne Happonen.

Thomas Morgenstern

The latter scored only 0.3 points more than the Slovenian record holder, Robert Kranjec, who was at the end pleased with his ranking on the fourth place. His jumps were 210.5 and 214.5 metres long.

Gregor Schlierenzauer was the longest in both rounds and earned 442.1 points for the 217 and 231 metres long flights. He finished ahead of Martin Koch, who was 7 points behind (216.5 and 229.5 metres; 435.2 points). Janne Happonen finished third with 203.5 and 220.5 metres longs jumps for which he scored 418.8 points.

The final world cup winner was already known. Thomas Morgenstern from Austria (1,794 points) won the great crystal cup. He is ahead of his team mate Schlierenzauer (1,561 points) and the Finn Ahonen (1,281 points).

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