Ernest Prišlič tested the hill with 247 meters

On Wednesday the ski flying hill in Planica has been successfully tested. The honour to be the first ski jumper to jump got a local hero Bor Pavlovčič. With 207 meters long flight he did not jump the furthest, but he was happy with jump nonetheless.



Bor Pavlovčič: I wanted to be the first one to go down the ski flying hill because I wanted to try myself in this role. I crossed off another thing from my list and I am satisfied with what I showed. The hill is nicely prepared considering the temperatures. I want to finish my career with a long jump and I hope that a lot of spectators will come on Friday, as we will prepare something in the outrun.

Longest standing flight of the day has been made by Ožbe Zupan. He managed to fly 225 meters on his first try on the ski flying hill. He could not hide his happiness.

Ožbe Zupan: Incredible! Great atmosphere, great weather and the hill is nicely prepared. The jump can still be improved a bit, but I jumped as well as I could. I mainly wish long jumps.

But Zupan did not make the longest flight of the day. Ernest Prišlič has set distance of the day with 247 meters but he did not manage to stay on his feet. Spectators were not the only people who were surprised by his jump, he also surprised himself.

Ernest Prišlič: I would rate today with an excellent grade. I didn't expect to land at such an extreme distance. My body is not as well prepared as it was during my competitive days. I enjoyed it. The fall didn't throw me off because I have already showed long jumps in the past.

A few jumps after Prišlič we have witnessed a fall. Taj Ekart has made a mistake in difficult weather conditions and ended in snow. Jury ended ski flying test shortly after because wind conditions were tough.

Two round of official training start on Thursday at 8 o´clock.

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