Planica 7

Planica has been the classic FIS World Cup Final event in ski flying for decades.  We have seen many great sports stories and many milestones moved in the valley under the Ponce mountain. As time passes and history is written, we have to move forward with new ideas and develop the event.



Therefore, the Organizing committee Planica has in accordance with FIS prepared a new award called “Planica 7”.

The athlete who will gather the most points in all 7 official rounds during the event will receive 20.000 SFR. We will also award the leader after each round with a special gift prize.

''Since we have changed the modus for the qualification, the interest from all parties involved on this competition round has dramatically increased. In almost all of our World Cup competitions, the qualification winner was awarded with a price money. Therefore, it is just consequently, that Planica announces this Planica 7 award now,'' said FIS Race Director Walter Hofer.

''We made the decision to make the competitions in Planica more attractive for the athletes and for the spectator in the valley and in front of the TV screens. We are glad the FIS was supportive for the idea and we can go further with the implementation in this year’s competition. We will in future evolve the award and make it even more attractive,'' commented the President of OC Planica Mr. Drago Bahun.

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