Exctiting finish of winter season

The ski jumping season has ended with today's Sunday competition. The exciting competition ended with a close win by Timi Zajc over Anže Lanišek. Stefan Kraft jumped to third place, also winning the small crystal globe for ski flying and Planica7 overall.


In the trial round, the jumpers already announced an exciting competition with long jumps that entertained the 13,500 fans. Kraft, Lanišek, and Domen Prevc announced the fight for victory in the first round, but Prevc dropped to fifth place in the second round. In the final round, the coach of the Slovenian team Robert Hrgota, made a tactical move so Zajc jumped three gates lower on the coach's request and gained an additional 27.3 points. Stefan Kraft dropped two places and finished the competition on the lowest position on the podium. However, the intense battle took place between Lanišek and Zajc, with only a tenth of a point separating them at the end.

Norwegian Halvor Egner Graneru received the overall Crystal globe, which he won for the second time. With third place in today's competition, Stefan Kraft secured the overall ski flying standings and also won the Planica7 overall.

Timi Zajc: "It's very nice to end the season with a victory in front of the home fans. It was a very long and tough season. Today was a beautiful day."

Anže Lanišek: "Even though I was second today, I'm satisfied with my performance. It was an honour for me to finish the World Cup season in Planica. It seems to me that we are on the right track, and I also have good support from everyone at home."

Halvor Egner Granerud: "My second Crystal globe. I have some experience with all the presentations and interviews, so it feels a bit different. But it does not feel worse, it feels just as good as last time."

Stefan Kraft: "Planica is my favourite to jump. It was a great end of this season with great atmosphere on the best hill. I am very happy to have won the small Crystal globe."

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