Happonen is the winner of the season's final competition

There was no new world record this year, but none the less we have seen a spectacular competition in front of 14.000 ski jumping fans, who visited the sunny Planica today.

Janne Happonen from Finland (225.5 and 226.5 meters) is the winner of the final competition of the 2005/2006 ski jumping season. Martin Koch from Austria made it to the second place. He jumped his personal record 222.5 meters in both rounds. Robert Kranjec from Slovenia was the third ski jumper who made it to the podium (220 and 223 meters).

Tommy Ingebrigtsen from Norway was fourth (217.5 and 225.5 meters) and his fellow countryman, the current world record holder (239 meters) Bjoern Einar Romoeren was fifth (219.5 and 225 meters). Andreas Widhoelzl, Andreas Kofler, Adam Malysz, Roar Ljoekelsoey and Janne Ahonen also made it to the top ten.

The 2005/2006 World Cup Winner is Jakub Janda from Czech Republic with 1151 points, the runner-up is Janne Ahonen from Finland (1024 points). Andreas Kuettel from Switzerland is third with 980 points.

Austria is the nations cup winner with 3611 points, followed by Norway on the second place (3525 points) and Finland on the third place (3456 points).



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