The big crystal globe and the 20th Slovenian podium with the signature of Nika Prevc

At the final event of the 13th season of the World Cup for female ski jumpers, Nika Prevc claimed the 3rd place on the normal hill in Planica marking the 99th podium finish for Slovenian female jumpers in individual World Cup events. The victory went to Austrian jumper Eva Pinkelnig.


The final event of the 13th season of the World Cup was marked by the participation of twenty-nine female ski jumpers, including six Slovenian representatives. After the first round, Katra Komar remained in 29th place with a jump of 83.5 meters and 81.7 points, while Taja Bodlaj was in 22nd place with a jump of 85.5 meters and 92.2 points. Ema Klinec jumped 88 meters and was in 18th place with 99.3 points. Youth world champion Tina Erzar jumped 90.5 meters, holding 14th place with a score of 104.2 points. Among the top ten were Nika Križnar in 9th place with 92 meters and 108.4 points, and Nika Prevc in 3rd place with 96.5 meters and 116.0 points. The only ones ahead, despite a poor landing, were Canadian Alexandria Loutitt with 100 meters and 117.6 points, and Eva Pinkelnig with 100.5 meters and 119.1 points.

Katra Komar ended the season in 28th place with 89 meters and 181.9 points. Taja Bodlaj landed at 85 meters, earning 191.1 points for 25th place. In the final, Ema Klinec jumped 93 meters, earning 203.5 points for 19th place. Tina Erzar jumped 91 meters, earning 207.6 points for 16th place in Planica. Nika Križnar finished in 11th place with 89 meters and 214.3 points. Securing the historic 20th Slovenian podium of the season in front of the home crowd, Nika Prevc claimed 3rd place with 97.5 meters and 235.6 points. Ahead were Canadian Loutitt with 101.5 meters and 242.1 points, and the new hill record holder, Pinkenlig, with 103.5 meters and 244.9 points.

Nika Prevc convincingly became the overall winner of the World Cup in the 2023/24 season and became the second Slovenian to win the big crystal globe!


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