Halfway on the road to medals

Saturday promises to be a day to remember. Five athletes are separated by only 20 points before the final day of the FIS Ski Flying World Championships individual competition.


Photo: Bobo

We were privileged to witness a few extremely long flights in the valley under the Ponce mountains today. After the first half the top spot belonged to Karl Geiger of Germany (241.0 m, 223.4 p.), Austria’s Michael Hayboeck was second (245.5 m, 221.1 p.) and Evgeniy Klimov from Russia the third (237.0 m, 213.8 p.).

223.5 meters from Geiger was enough to stay in the lead (431.2 p.), while Halvor Egner Granerud jumped from fourth to second place (229.5 m, 426.6 p.). Markus Eisenbichler from Germany proved that he’s also one of the favourites for the title. After finishing fifth in the first round, he landed at 247 meters in second, which is a record in Ski Flying World Championships. Eisenbichler is third with 425.7 points.

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