Newsletter Planica 2017 - 01/September 2011

Newsletter Planica 2017 - 01/September 2011

Address by the President of the Ski Association of Slovenia, Mr. Tomaž Lovše

"At the global level Planica represents historic milestone in winter ski sports. In 2017 we would like to enrich its history with the Nordic World Ski Championships and to lead the competitions in ski jumping, cross country skiing and nordic combination to a higher level, which will be a source of pride for all international and Slovenian fans of winter sports," said Mr. Tomaž Lovše, president of the Ski Association of Slovenia. "Our competitors who are running their candidacy for the World Ski Championships are very experienced, so we know that the nomination will not be easy. But there are odds on our side, too. We have a young country, with world-class athletes who want to show their best, and the remarkable alpine valley which in the sports and the wider meaning connects east and west, north and south."

Presentation of candidacy for the Nordic World Ski Championships 2017

Planica successfully hosted numerous competitions for the World Cup and six world championships in ski flying, but now we have set a new goal - we want to show the world an exemplary Nordic World Ski Championships that will for many years remain a model for all other winter competitions. We believe that with our knowledge, experience, vigour, and passion for winter sports we can present people with the best ski jumping, ski running and Nordic combined races can offer. We can achieve this with the help of a unique place, situated in the heart of Europe and thus representing the crossroads of long- and short-term ski traditions. The image of Planica which holds a special place in winter sports can show the people what can be achieved with the mixture of tradition and modernity.

Start of Planica Nordic Centre construction

The works on Planica Nordic Centre in the valley under Ponce began more than a month ago. The combination of unique location in the Alps and the architectural solution is a recipe for success and recognition in the world and functionality for visitors, athletes, and journalists too. Mr. Jelko Gros, director of the Planica Institute of Sports of the Republic of Slovenia, commented on the construction of the 120-meter jump, which is the first step in the construction of the entire Nordic Centre: "The Bloudek's giant will largely be a new construction with some parts renovated so that we shall preserve the memory of Stanko Bloudek. A large part of our cultural heritage is represented by the jury tower and the curve. Namely, this ski jump is one of the first with a curve in the landing, so we'll keep this while the other parts of the ski jump, as well as the smaller ski jump in the immediate vicinity, will meet all the modern standards, which will allow excellent conditions for training and competition. A warm-up facility at the top of the jump is being built, as well as the jury and radio-television tower. If all goes according to plans and the weather is favourable, the first jumps will be performed already this winter."

Presentation of the ambassador, Petra Majdič

The best Slovenian ski runner in the history of Slovenia, Petra Majdič, who is a model of sports for many people, shall represent our nomination for the Nordic Ski World Championships in her own unique way: honestly, resolutely, and proudly. The winner of the silver and bronze medals at World championships and Olympic bronze who recently ended her active career commented on the year 2017 in Planica and her ambassador mission: "I am really proud to have this function. All my life I have been a runner and I will remain so in the future, but in this case this is about sports and I am proud if I can help." She added: "It is time and it is right that Slovenia comes together in several areas and it is right to put up this Nordic Centre that will be the pride of Slovenia. Thanks to ski jumping and the flying hill, Planica is one of the most recognizable points of this country in the world and it is great if we can show off our pearls. We have top-class athletes, but now we need to achieve a higher level yet, with superb facilities." Petra told us her opinion why Planica can beat every other candidate for the World Championships: "Because of tradition and the history of great events. The venue situated in the middle of 2000m high mountains is unique in the world. If this is nordic sport, let it be seen that it is a sport performed in nature. Literally everything in Planica takes place in nature and in the heart of the mountains and snow, so it is proper that the winner is Planica."

Presentation of working group on the candidature

The working group that will ensure the ultimate success of Planica candidacy is composed of: Janez Bukovnik, Chairman of the Group, Matija Vojsk, Director of the Ski Association of Slovenia (SZS), Andraž Kopač, Managing Director of the Ski Association of Slovenia (SZS), Primož Finžgar, Secretary General of the Planica Organizing Committee, Mitja Praznik, Member of the Executive Committee in Ski Association of Slovenia (SZS) and Chairman of the Board for Cross-country Skiing in Ski Association of Slovenia (SZS), Ljubo Jasnič, Member of the Executive Committee SZS and Chairman of the Board for Ski Jumping and Nordic Combination in Ski Association of Slovenia (SZS), Jure Žerjav, Mayor of Kranjska Gora, Jelko Gros, Director of Institute of Sports of the Republic of Slovenia and Tomi Trbovc, a Spokesman for Public Relations in Ski Association of Slovenia (SZS). Mr. Bukovnik talked about the working group plan for the coming months and advantages of Planica: "First, the material which will be submitted to FIS must be fully drawn up. It is important that we are prepared to present ourselves well this winter season at major competitions. We shall present ourselves to those athletes and sport officials who will be participating at the World Championships in Planica. The emphasis in Planica will be given to preparedness or more precisely to conditions for competitors, so the competition results will not be affected by luck and weather conditions. Competitions in Planica are to be held in the part of the Alps where weather conditions rarely affect the competition, both in terms of precipitation and wind, as well as other weather conditions that can otherwise affect the results. This is one of the key advantages of our candidacy."

World Snow Day

The goal of World Snow Day, which is part of the campaign »Bring Children to the Snow«, is to encourage larger numbers of children, their families and friends to participate in the annual snow festivals. Various activities at these festivals, which will occur throughout the world, will take place the week before the climax on Sunday, 22 January, the 2012. By World Snow Day the International Ski Federation is trying to reverse the declining trend of youth activities in the snow. It intends to do this by enabling children and families to discover something new and offer them fun and new experiences in the snow. FIS invited many partners to participate in the campaign, among other also Planica. We were happy to say yes, because we have a lot of experience with organising events for children. How exactly we are going to participate in the January World Snow Day you will learn in the following issues of the newsletter.

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