Exhibition of Heros from Planica 2023

Part of the FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships and FIS U23 World Ski Championships in Planica, there is a photo exhibition, showcasing the most beautiful moments of Planica's heroes from last year's senior championship. The photographs capture the essence of sports, the emotions of athletes, and the energy of the most devoted sports fans.


Young athletes from 44 countries competing in the FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships and FIS U23 World Ski Championships in Planica can get a close-up look at their older role models, who battled for prestigious medals in the valley below Mount Ponce over a year ago.


The photo exhibition titled "Planica 2023" showcases the greatest achievements of both domestic and foreign athletes, spontaneous moments of joy, and the energy that engulfed the wider region during the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Planica 2023.


Underneath 70 carefully selected photographs, which represent true sports art, is the signature of the esteemed Slovenian photographer Andrej Tarfila.


The exhibition will be on display in Planica until 24th of March.

Andrej Tarfila, author of exhibition: "With the exhibition, I wanted to somehow showcase the grandeur and magnitude of the Nordic World Championships that took place last year in Planica. Selecting thousands and thousands of photographs taken over the course of the 14-day championship, which I produced for foreign agencies, was a lengthy and demanding process because I aimed to depict as much of the entire event as possible, from action shots of sporting battles to all celebrations, awards ceremonies, fans, opening, and closing events. I somewhat emphasized the winners of both main disciplines. In ski jumping, this also meant celebrating our jumpers, to whom I gave a little more space, while in cross-country skiing, I paid the most attention to the star of the entire championship, Norwegian cross-country skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo. The setup of the Planica 2023 exhibition at the Nordic Center Planica during the Junior Nordic World Championships and later during the summer was an honor for me, but it was also a great challenge."


Tomaž Šušteršič, Secretary General JWCS Planica 2024:       "The exhibition is a summary of last year's senior world championships. It is located in spaces where young athletes at the Nordic Junior World Ski Championships mostly move around. We wanted not only to present what happened at the championship last year but also to show that athletes compete on the same stages as their older colleagues. Above all, to feel the sports pulse of the past championship and to see their role models in the selected photographs."

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