Season to Rehrl, another race to J.M. Riiber

Although the weather wasn’t as nice as 24 hours before, the finals of the FIS Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix turned out to be as exciting as ever. J.M. Riiber managed to repeat yesterday’s success while Rehrl received the trophy for the best athlete of the season.



A long ski jumping round finished with a top spot for Espen Bjoernstad of Norway, who was also the best in Fridays PCR. This time he landed at 135.0 meters and gathered 139.1 points, since he started from one gate lower than he’s teammate Jens Luraas Oftebro (135.5 m., 131.7 p.). Oftebro started the cross-country race half a minute after Bjoernstad, while Austrian Lukas Greiderer (132.5 m., 129.5 p.) started he’s pursuit of podium another 8 seconds later.

Jarl Magnus Riiber was once again unstoppable on the roller track. The race was tight till the last couple of hundred meters but the Norwegian managed to take the second win in as many days. Frenchman Antoine Gerard came in second (+2.4 s.) and Jens Luraas Oftebro took the third place.

As was already decided 24 hours ago, the trophy for the best athlete of the Summer Grand Prix season went to Austrian Franz-Josef Rehrl who didn’t start today. With 415 points he was 117 ahead of Italian Samuel Costa and 132 ahead of Gerard.

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