Austrian ski jumpers clinched their fourth consecutive gold medal

In the team competition of the 47th FIS Nordic Junior World Championships Žiga Jančar, Rok Masle, Jaka Drinovec, and Enej Faletič secured the ungrateful fourth place, while the Austrian ski jumpers celebrated their fourth consecutive title.


In the penultimate ski jumping event in Planica, the young ski jumpers competed in the team event. After the first series, the Austrians led with world champion Stephan Embacher, just 1.7 points ahead of the Germans, while the third-placed Poles were more than 25 points behind the Germans. The Slovenian team closely followed in fourth place. Žiga Jančar jumped 88.5 meters, Rok Masle 93.5 meters, Jaka Drinovec a half-meter longer, and Enej Faletič landed at 91.5 meters, with the Slovenian team trailing only 2.3 points behind the bronze medal position.

Foto: Borut Živulović/BOBO

In the final, Jančar repeated his distance from the first series, and after five jumps, the Slovenian team fell to fifth place, 14 points behind the Poles. The Austrians maintained a 3-point lead over the Germans at the top. Masle then landed at 93.5 meters, propelling the Slovenian team to fourth place, just under 13 points behind Poland. Drinovec's excellent jump of 94 meters brought the Slovenians even closer to the Poles, trailing by 9 points. The gap between Austria and Germany was 11.1 points. In the last group, Faletič landed at 91.5 meters, while the Pole Tymoteusz Amilkiewicz reached 94.5 meters, securing the bronze for Poland. With a 10.7-point lead, Austria, represented by Simon Steinberger, Fabian Held, Johannes Poelz, and Stephan Embacher, won the gold. Germany's team, consisting of Ben Bayer, Alex Reiter, Jannik Faisst, and Adrian Tittel, took silver, and Poland's Lukasz Lukaszczyk, Marcin Wrobel, Klemens Joniak, and Amilkiewicz claimed bronze. In the end, Poland had an 8.9-point advantage over Slovenia.

The ski jumping program and the championship in Planica will conclude tomorrow with the mixed team event.

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