Sustainable development

Train to Planica

Collaboration with Slovenian Railways, with which we’ve already taken thousands of fans to Planica, is more than 10 years long. Our efforts to provide means of public transport and with that protection of environment will continue also this year.

When submitting ticket for Planica a 75% discount for return train ticket to Jesenice will apply. There, free bus transport to Planica and back will be available.
Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of Slovenian Railways.

On Thursday and Sunday, the mascot Vita will join the fans on the train from Ljubljana, so the journey will be even more fun!

Bus to Planica

Regular line buses take you from Ljubljana to Kranjska Gora.

From there you can go to Planica by foot or use free bus service.

Travel by bus - affordable, safe, comfortable and more environmentally friendly!

Walk to Planica

Let the days in Planica take place in a real sporting spirit!

The trip to competitions is a great opportunity for a stroll with your family and friends.

Expectation will increase with each step, and in the end, you will achieve the desired goal - you won't be sorry!

Walking time to Planica:
Kranjska Gora – 60 min
Podkoren – 45 min
Border crossing Rateče – 40 min
Rateče – 20 min


An important area of sustainability is related to waste care with special emphasis on catering services; reducing food waste and limiting single-use plastics.

Already when planning the event, we will try to avoid unnecessary packaging, disposable products and products made of non-recyclable materials.

*Responsible fans
*Reducing waste
*We separate and recycle