Sustainable development

Train to Planica

In 2013, visitors were first offered an opportunity to arrive to Planica by train and assist us in achieving our goals in the field of environmental protection. During this time almost 10.000 people travelled to Planica by train.

Also this year we have arranged a timetable with Slovenian Railways for extra trains on Saturday and Sunday, with free round-trip bus connections from Jesenice to Planica. This connection will also be available to passengers of regular trains from Thursday to Sunday.

  • 50% discount on return ticket
  • 75% discount for children aged 6 to 12 years
  • Free for children up to 6 years accompanied by an adult
  • Discounts apply when submitting the ticket for the event

Bus to Planica

Regular line buses take you from Ljubljana to Kranjska Gora, Podkoren or Rateče. From there you can go to Planica by foot or use free bus service.

Ticket reservation is recommended.

Walk to Planica

Let the days in Planica take place in a real sporting spirit! The trip to competitions is a great opportunity for a stroll with your friends. On the way to the venue info boards will be waiting for you, some of them very special. Whoever will take the walking route to Planica will be able to participate in a prize game on Instagram!

Walking time to Planica:
Kranjska Gora – 60 min
Podkoren – 45 min
Border crossing Rateče – 40 min
Rateče – 20 min


Sharing vehicles or carpooling has many positive effects on the protection of the environment.

Fewer cars on the roads means smaller fuel consumption, less pressure on the parking spaces and lower CO2 emissions.

Individuals who use carpooling can also save some money on their way to Planica and make new friends.

You can arrange group transportation on website:


*More passengers in one car
*Use less fuel
*Save money
*Meet other ski jumping fans


All visitors to Planica will be informed about the sustainable development project by means of information boards at the event site and will be encouraged to actively participate.

Already in the event planning phase we will try to avoid unnecessary packaging, single-use products and products made of non-recyclable materials.

For waste that cannot be avoided we will set up waste separation bins and information boards about appropriate separation.

*Responsible fans
*Reducing waste
*We separate and recycle


The sports event in Planica is known for being visited by several thousands of children. Planica has therefore the opportunity to make them think about how they can contribute to the protection of nature and environment.

The art contest "Planica and children" which is being held for several years amongst a great number of primary schools, encourages creativity and thinking about the protection of nature, with the objective to encourage positive attitude of children towards the environment.

World Snow Day is a great way to engage the youngest children in sports activities and getting them to learn about the nature that surrounds them.

With the support of our partners we will continue to make sure that as many children as possible are able to visit Planica in the future. These children will learn about the endeavours for the sustainable development and will also be able to transfer this knowledge back to their families or use it in their home environment.

Additional information

Additional information

*The young protect the environment
*Sports activities
*Collaboration with partners