Thursday, 27th of March 2025

10.00 - Qualifications (Men)

Friday, 28th of March 2025

15.00 - Individual competition (Men)

Saturday, 29th of March 2025

9.30 - Team competition (Men) 

Sunday, 30th of March 2025

9.30 - Individual competition (Men)



Access to Planica

Free bus transport from Kranjska Gora and surrounding area to Planica will be available to all the visitors. We advise you not to go to Planica by car. Buses have priority in arriving to and departing from Planica!

Buses with a height of more than 385 cm will not be able to park in Planica!

Visitors coming to Planica with their own vehicles will be directed to parking areas by the organizer's signage and instructions from marshals. Parking in Kranjska Gora is possible in public paid parking areas unless otherwise indicated by the organizer's signs.

Parking outside the designated parking areas, especially on and by the roads will be consistently sanctioned by the police and the traffic wardens.

From different parking spaces you can also walk to the valley of world champions. Map of the walking paths.

Entry points for bus circle route, which starts a few hours before the competition, are located in Kranjska Gora, Podkoren and Rateče.

The VIP and MEDIA parking area is located in Kranjska Gora near the police station. The entry point for the shuttle services for VIP and MEDIA guests is located at the Hotel Kompas.

For the final of the 46th FIS Ski Jumping and Ski Flying World Cup in Planica between March 27th and 30th, 2025, you can travel to the most beautiful valley in the world on any day using a combined transportation of train and bus. More information.

Visitors returning from Planica are kindly asked to patiently and carefully enter the buses. Entering will be guided by stewards and security personnel with the help of safety fences and controlled gates. This way congestions will be prevented and departure will be faster.

Planica 7

The Organizing committee Planica will once again present a prize for the athlete who gathers the most points during the 7 official rounds of the event. The winner will receive 20.000 CHF.

The sum of the points will be calculated from:

• Thursday’s qualifications, 27th March
• Friday’s first and second round, 28th March
• Saturday’s first and second round, 29th March (the points of a single athlete who is in the team)
• Sunday’s first and second round, 30th March