Thursday, 30th of March 2023


Friday, 31st of March 2023

Individual competition

Saturday, 1st of April 2023

Team competition 

Sunday, 2nd of April 2023

Individual competition 

Tickets - FIS Ski Jumping World Cup

Free bus transport, spectacular ski-flying, music programme - unforgettable experience.

ADULTS (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
30 EUR | 35 EUR

CHILDREN (Friday, Saturday)
5 EUR | 7 EUR

ADULTS (Thursday)
20 EUR | 25 EUR

CHILDREN (Thursday)
4 EUR | 6 EUR

80 EUR | 95 EUR

75 EUR | 85 EUR

To enter the event site all children need tickets (also free tickets) ! Free children’s tickets need to be withdrawn at the sales points or at the registers in Planica. Visitors with invitations also have to withdraw free tickets for their children.

Standing area:

- Children up to (including) 6 years have free entrance every day.
- Children from 7 up to (including) 14 years have to buy tickets for every day except for Sunday.


- Children up to (including) 2 years have free entrance.
- Children from 3 years onwards have to buy a ticket.

Venue scheme

EUR = Tickets in presale until, including 31st of January 2023
EUR = Tickets from 1st of February 2023 onwards

General sales agent is Kompas. Tickets are sold in all Kompas' offices and authorized agencies.
+386 1 2006 111

International official sales agents >>>

* VAT is included in the ticket price. Organizer reserves the right to change the prices of tickets in case of changes in the rate of VAT.

Vip Offer - FIS Ski Jumping World Cup

CLUB 239
Friday 170 EUR
Saturday 190 EUR
Sunday 170 EUR
All days 390 EUR

Friday 340 EUR
Saturday 370 EUR
Sunday 340 EUR
All days 890 EUR

- Children up to (incl.) 2 years have free entrance to clubs.
- Children from 3 years onwards have to buy a ticket for clubs.

VIP tickets have to be exchanged for a corresponding wristband at the Welcome center (VIP entrance) in Planica.


Information about unused vouchers for ski flights in Planica

As we have already informed you, from April 10, 2022 onwards, we will be able to return the credit you have left on the vouchers you received in accordance with Article 65 of the Act Determining the Intervention Measures to Mitigate and Remedy the Consequences of the COVID-19 Epidemic (ZIUOOPE) in exchange for the tickets for the 2020 FIS Ski Flying World Championships which were cancelled, insofar as you have not redeemed the vouchers in the meantime to buy new tickets.

Voucher holders are invited to
- send a written request for a refund to the point of sale where you purchased the original tickets or to the location where you exchanged your tickets for vouchers (list of locations below) by 30 September 2022 at the latest. It is important to state the serial number of the voucher and the value written on it, your name, surname and address, as well as your bank account number and the name of the bank to which the value will be transferred;
- personally bring the voucher to the point of sale where you bought the original tickets or to the location where you exchanged your tickets for vouchers (list of locations below) and arrange your refund.

Vouchers can no longer be exchanged for new tickets!

Kompas points of sale:

  • Kompas and M-Holidays branch offices (personally)
  • By email address
  • Online Booking

Eventim points of sale:

  • Online Booking
  • By email address

Petrol service stations in Slovenia (personally)