Accompanying programme Planica 2008

Accompanying programme Planica 2008

Thursday, 13th of March 2008

07:30 First children arrive to Planica
08:30 Last children arrive to Planica
08:35 Snack for the children
09:45 Animation beside the ski-flying hill
10:45 Animation beside the ski-flying hill
14:00 End of the programme - departure of the children

Friday, 14th of March 2008

13:00 Performance by music group Malibu for visitors beside the ski-flying hill
17:55 Lot of the start numbers - Atomik Harmonik and Playboy girls
20:20 End of the party in Planica

Saturday, 15th of March 2008

12:20 Party with music group Kingston beside the ski-flying hill
16:00 End of the entertainment programme in Planica
15:00 Party in Kranjska Gora (programme of LTO Kranjska Gora in the square in front of LTO)
20:00 Party inside a tent in Kranjska Gora (mutualy organized with HIT)

Sunday, 16th of March 2008

12:30 Party with Atomik Harmonik beside the ski-flying hill
15:30 Conclusion of the event

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