Victory for Hayboeck, Domen Prevc and Wolny share second place

The first competition of the FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup in Planica was marked by the wind. Due to changing conditions the first half of the competition had to be postponed for an hour, but that did not stop the athletes, who once again made sure for an exciting race.



The first place went to Austrian Michael Hayboeck with 139 meters in the first and 138 meters in the second round. Slovenian eagle Domen Prevc ended up second with only 7.4 points behind the leader. He jumped 135.5 metres in the first and 136 metres in the final round. This time Domen shared the second place with Jakub Wolny from Poland. Jakub jumped 129.5 metres in the first and a meter longer than Domen in the second round. Despite bad wind conditions, Slovenian team managed to achieve a few good results as well. Jan Bombek ended up in 10th place, and amongst the winners of points is a large number of Slovenian athletes: 17th place went to Matija Vidic, 19th to Tilen Bartol, 21st to Patrik Vitez, 26th to Žak Mogel and 28th to Bor Pavlovčič.

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