After a year-long break, Rok Tarman is back on the slopes as the first one down

Less than a day remains until the test of the Gorišek Brothers' Ski Flying Hill before the FIS World Cup Ski Jumping Final. After last year's first test of the Planica ski flying hill by Bor Pavlovčič, who then concluded his sports career, this year the honor will once again belong to Rok Tarman, a member of the local club ND Rateče Planica.


26-year-old Rok Tarman will be taking his fifth first descent down the Gorišek Brothers' Ski Flying Hill on Wednesday. He first had this honor in 2019 and continuously performed this task until last year when Bor Pavlovčič took the first flight. This year, Tarman returns to Planica as the trial jumper with number 1. This time, the trial will be particularly challenging as he will also be the first to test the new inrun. "To be honest, it's quite a challenge, but I will do my best. I wanted to take a look at it yesterday, but in the end, I didn't have the time, so I'll get acquainted with everything on Wednesday," said Tarman. He has also delved into coaching this year but believes he might be better prepared for the first jump than ever before. "I have experience, and I also have a good suit made by Robert Kranjec. Overall, I have just the right amount of jumps under my belt, and this year, I've already fulfilled one wish, namely to fly over 200 meters. I managed to do that in Oberstdorf," added Tarman, who besides Oberstdorf, has also jumped this year in the German leg of the New Year's tour and in Willingen.

"In recent weeks, I've been thinking about whether I might get the chance to jump first again. I was expecting it, but it wasn't my decision. In the end, it was probably also because I'm already seasoned, and here we are. I found out about the decision yesterday. Today, I still have a cup race in Kranj, so tomorrow I'll be completely ready for the trial," explained Tarman, adding that preparation for a special jump is just like any other - arriving at the ski jump about an hour before the flight, warming up, and then heading to the top of the ramp.

In addition to a successful first flight, he hopes to improve his personal record as well. Six years ago and in 2022, he flew 215 meters, and two years ago, he achieved this with the opening flight.

The trial of the ski flying hill is scheduled for tomorrow with the first flight at 10 a.m., and the start list includes 31 skiers from Slovenia and Austria.

Start list:

  1. Rok Tarman (ND Rateče Planica)
  2. Tone Petek (ND Rateče Planica)
  3. Gorazd Završnik (SSK Ljubno BTC)
  4. Mark Hafner (SK Triglav Kranj)
  5. Luka Bubulj (SK Triglav Kranj)
  6. Matic Zelnik (SK Triglav Kranj)
  7. Tadej Benedik (SK Triglav Kranj)
  8. Enej Marolt (SSK Ilirija)
  9. Miha Sinčič (SSK Ilirija)
  10. Maj Pagon (SSD Stol Žirovnica)
  11. Nik Heberle (SSD Stol Žirovnica)
  12. Aljaž Zupan (SSD Stol Žirovnica)
  13. Uroš Vrbek (SSK Šmartno na Pohorju)
  14. Marcel Stržinar (SSK Norica Žiri)
  15. Ernest Prišlič (SK Zagorje)
  16. Urban Sušnik (NSK Tržič FMG)
  17. Urban Remic (SK Triglav Kranj)
  18. Nejc Toporiš (SK Triglav Kranj)
  19. Jernej Presečnik (SSK Ljubno BTC)
  20. Jošt Sušnik (SK Triglav Kranj)
  21. Matija Štemberger (SSK Ilirija)
  22. Lojze Petek (ND Rateče Planica)
  23. Gašper Brecl (SSK Mislinja)
  24. Urh Rošar (SSK Mislinja)
  25. Ožbe Zupan (NSK Tržič FMG)
  26. Mark Hafnar (SK Triglav Kranj)
  27. Jan Bombek (SSK Velenje)
  28. Rok Masle (SSK Ilirija)
  29. Louis Obersteiner (AUT)
  30. Stefan Rainer (AUT)
  31. Peter Resinger (AUT)

List of trial jumpers who jumped first from 2005 onwards:

2005 – Jan Tomazin
2006 – Jan Tomazin
2007 – Matevž Šparovec
2008 – Brane Iskra
2009 – Brane Iskra
2010 – Brane Iskra
2011 – Matevž Šparovec
2012 – Jaka Rus
2013 – Jaka Rus
2014 – prenova letalnice
2015 – Rožle Žagar
2016 – Rožle Žagar
2017 – Mitja Mežnar
2018 – Aljaž Vodan
2019 – Rok Tarman
2020 – Rok Tarman
2021 – Rok Tarman
2022 – Rok Tarman
2023 - Bor Pavlovčič

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