The Planica record holder Kobayashi wins the qualification

The qualifying series before tomorrow's individual competition in Planica was won by the Planica Flying Hill record holder, the Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi, who landed at 230 meters. In front of 13,640 spectators, the best local performer was Timi Zajc, finishing in 4th place.


In the final qualification of the 2023/24 season, Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi won with 230 meters and 214.0 points, ahead of Poland's Piotr Zyla, who set the day's longest jump at 241 meters and scored 213.4 points. Austrian Daniel Huber placed third with 227 meters and 207.1 points, while the best local performer, Timi Zajc, took fourth with 222.5 meters and 206.0 points. Anže Lanišek secured the 8th position with 212 meters and 197.7 points, followed by Peter Prevc in 10th place with 210 meters and 190.7 points, and Lovro Kos in 11th place with the same distance and 189.2 points. Domen Prevc landed at 206 meters, earning him 179.3 points and 23rd place, while Maksim Bartolj finished 30th with 207.5 meters and 170.7 points. Tomorrow afternoon, we will also watch Žak Mogel in the competition, who landed at 194.5 meters and scored 166.8 points, placing 35th.

Unfortunately, Žiga Jelar did not qualify for the competition, landing at 184.5 meters and scoring 143.9 points for 44th place, along with Matija Vidic, who landed at 182 meters and scored 136.5 points for 49th place.

The longest jump in the first series of official training was achieved by Norway's Johann Andre Forfang with 234.5 meters, followed by Zajc with 223.5 meters and another Norwegian, Robert Johansson, with 226 meters. Kos ranked 7th with 226.5 meters, while Domen and Peter both jumped 201 meters for the 11th position. Bartolj soared to 212 meters for the 24th position, Jelar had the same distance for the 29th position, Lanišek landed at 193.5 meters for the 32nd position, Mogel reached 200.5 meters for the 36th position, and Vidic landed at 167.5 meters for the 55th position.

In the second series, Zajc was the most convincing with 228.5 meters, followed by Forfang with 217.5 meters and Johansson with 214 meters. Kos jumped 228 meters for the 4th position, followed by Peter with 225.5 meters in 5th place. Domen landed at 219.5 meters for the 10th position, Lanišek at 221 meters for the 12th position, Bartolj at 206.5 meters for the 23rd position, Jelar at 205.5 meters for the 27th position, Vidic at 177.5 meters for the 50th position, and Mogel at 158.5 meters for the 55th position.

The day in Planica will continue with the final competition of the women's World Cup on the Bloudkova normal hill.

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