In sunny weather, Ernest Prišlič flew to 221 meters

The test of the Planica ski flying hill by the Gorišek brothers with a new inrun track was successful. Thirty-one skiers took flight, with Rok Tarman, a member of the local club ND Rateče Planica, being the first to jump again with a distance of 212 meters. However, the longest flight was achieved by Ernest Prišlič, reaching 221 meters.


After Bor Pavlovčič tested the Planica ski flying hill last year, Rok Tarman completed this task for the fifth time in his life. The 26-year-old came close to his personal record with a jump of 215 meters, landing at 212 meters, one of the six jumps exceeding 200 meters today. The longest flight at 221 meters was accomplished by the experienced Ernest Prišlič. Other jumps over the two-hundred-meter mark were made by Gorazd Završnik with 203 meters, Marcel Stržinar with 201 meters, Jernej Presečnik with 218.5 meters, and Austrian skier Peter Resinger with 202 meters.

After his first ski flying jump in Planica in 2024, Rok Tarman said: "Good feelings. I expected it to be different, harder, but it was great. Unfortunately, it didn't go up to my personal record. I wished for a bit more, but it didn't happen." Prišlič, who had the longest jump today, was also enthusiastic about the new flight on the Planica hill: "The ski flying hill is prepared excellently. The new track couldn't be better. The lower part of the hill is soft, which is normal because of the sunny weather, but the Planica workers have once again shown their expertise. There weren't any extreme distances, but we are here to sharpen the track."

Results of the ski flying hill test:

  1. Rok Tarman (ND Rateče Planica) 212 meters
  2. Tone Petek (ND Rateče Planica) 145 meters - personal record
  3. Gorazd Završnik (SSK Ljubno BTC) 203 meters - personal record
  4. Mark Hafner (SK Triglav Kranj) 164 meters - personal record
  5. Luka Bubulj (SK Triglav Kranj) 131 meters
  6. Matic Zelnik (SK Triglav Kranj) 149 meters
  7. Tadej Benedik (SK Triglav Kranj) 186 meters - personal record
  8. Enej Marolt (SSK Ilirija) 142 meters - personal record
  9. Miha Sinčič (SSK Ilirija) 159 meters - personal record
  10. Maj Pagon (SSD Stol Žirovnica) 168 meters - personal record
  11. Nik Heberle (SSD Stol Žirovnica) 174 meters - personal record
  12. Aljaž Zupan (SSD Stol Žirovnica) 150 meters - personal record
  13. Uroš Vrbek (SSK Šmartno na Pohorju) 140 meters
  14. Marcel Stržinar (SSK Norica Žiri) 201 meters
  15. Ernest Prišlič (SK Zagorje) 221 meters
  16. Urban Sušnik (NSK Tržič FMG) 169 meters
  17. Urban Remic (SK Triglav Kranj) 135 meters
  18. Nejc Toporiš (SK Triglav Kranj) 193 meters
  19. Jernej Presečnik (SSK Ljubno BTC) 218.5 meters - personal record
  20. Jošt Sušnik (SK Triglav Kranj) 167 meters
  21. Matija Štemberger (SSK Ilirija) 133 meters
  22. Lojze Petek (ND Rateče Planica) 171 meters
  23. Gašper Brecl (SSK Mislinja) 196 meters
  24. Urh Rošar (SSK Mislinja) 127.5 meters
  25. Ožbe Zupan (NSK Tržič FMG) 165 meters
  26. Mark Hafnar (SK Triglav Kranj) 153 meters
  27. Jan Bombek (SSK Velenje) 190 meters
  28. Rok Masle (SSK Ilirija) 172 meters
  29. Louis Obersteiner (AUT) 175 meters - personal record
  30. Stefan Rainer (AUT) 191 meters
  31. Peter Resinger (AUT) 202 meters
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