222 metres was the lenght of the day

Around 7000, mostly young spectators, have attended the official training today. The longest ski jump of the day by the actual world record holder Bjoern Einar Romoeren was 222 metres, his effort in the first round was 218.5 metres.

Around 7,000 spectators visited Planica on the first day.

The Norvegian was satisfied with both of his jumps. He is not sure if it is possible to improve the world record, but he remains optimistic and says he is definitely going to try. "I had a very good feeling on the hill and I think I will jump, if not much further, certainly further than I did today. I\'m really looking forward to the competition". Romoeren believes the new in run is good. He needs to get a better feeling of it, but he thinks he is handling it quite well. "You are going a little bit lower all in all, but I think that\'s nice. So with the right conditions you can fly really far. But look at it now; it is almost flat down there".

In the second round ten ski jumpers surpassed the 200 meters mark (of course some of the best ranked ski jumpers didn’t attend the official training): Adam Malysz (218 meters), Michael Uhrmann (217 meters), Andreas Widhoelzl (213. 5 meters), Tommy Ingebritsen (211 meters), Roar Ljoekelsoey (211 meters), Henning Stensrud (202. 5 meters), Denis Kornilov (202 meters), Thomas Morgenstern (202 meters) in Michael Neumayer (201 meters).

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