Helen Hoffmann defend's her title from Whistler, finally, a triple celebration for the Norwegians

The final individual events at the Under-23 World Ski Championships in Cross - Country in Planica brought the 10 km classic-style race with individual starts. German Helen Hoffmann defended her title from a year ago, while in the men's category, we finally saw three Norwegians on the podium. Boštjan Korošec finished in 35th place."



In Planica today, we witnessed the final individual competitions at the Under-23 World Ski Championships in Cross - Country. In the 10 km classic-style race with individual starts, the best was German Helen Hoffmann, who was also the best last year over the same distance but in freestyle in Whistler.

Helen Hoffmann Photo: Borut Živulović/ BOBO

The 22-year-old Helen Hoffmann managed her strength excellently in today's competition, which was far from easy due to the rainy weather. Hoffmann had the seventh intermediate result after the first lap, the fifth after the second, and with an exceptional final lap, she surpassed everyone and ultimately beat Swiss Nadja Kaelin by 1.2 seconds. The latter complemented the success of her cousin Marine, who became the champion over the 20 km distance a few days ago but finished sixth today. The bronze in today's competition went to the Swede Maerta Rosenberg, who was the fastest after the first and second laps but ended up 4.7 seconds behind. The Slovenian athletes were not in the spotlight, with Zala Šepič finishing 44th with a gap of over five minutes and Eva Močnik finishing 53rd with a gap of eight minutes.

Zala Šepič Photo: Borut Živulović/ BOBO


In the men's under-23 competition, we witnessed a Norwegian triple victory right at the end of the individual competitions. The champion was Mathias Holbeak, followed closely by Martin Kirkeberg Moerk, who trailed by 3.1 seconds. Moerk was already the runner-up in the 20 km race and the defending champion from Whistler. The bronze was won by Edvard Sandvik, who finished 19.9 seconds behind. Among the Slovenian quartet, Boštjan Korošec was the fastest in 35th place with a gap of 2 minutes and 4 seconds. Nejc Štern finished just behind him, one second later. Jošt Mulej finished in 49th place with a gap of 2 minutes and 48 seconds, while Anže Gros finished ten places lower with a gap of just over three minutes behind the winner."

Norwegian trio back on top Photo: Borut Živulović/ BOBO


Statements after the race:

Mathias Holbaek: "Norwegian team has had a very good day today. We had fast skies and we are a very good team. I think I had a good day, I felt good on the course and I am happy with victory."


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