Austria wins team event in Planica

In the traditional Saturday team ski jumping competition in Planica, Lovro Kos, Domen Prevc, Timi Zajc, and Peter Prevc trailed only behind the Austrian team, after Zajc fell at 242.5 meters and injured his shoulder. The final round was canceled due to strong winds, and Norway ended up taking third place.


In sunny weather in front of 23,346 spectators in Planica, the competition was best opened by Austrian Daniel Tschofenig with a jump of 225 meters. Austria led after the first group ahead of Slovenia, with Lovro Kos landing at 216.5 meters, and Japan took third place with 214.5 meters by Junshiro Kobayashi. In the second group, Domen Prevc landed at 220 meters, securing the Slovenian lead, as Michael Hayboeck landed at 215.5 meters. In the third group, Timi Zajc soared all the way to 242.5 meters, but unfortunately fell upon landing. Due to shoulder pain, it soon became clear that he would not be jumping in the final round. Nevertheless, this was enough for Slovenia to lead before the last group of competitors. In the fourth group, Peter Prevc landed at 223.5 meters, but the highlight of the day was the fantastic jump by Austrian Daniel Huber, who landed at 244 meters. With 803.8 points, Austria took the lead, while Slovenia had 793.3 points in second place, and third-placed Norway, represented by Robert Johansson, Benjamin Oestvold, Marius Lindvik, and Johann Andre Forfang, gathered 770.6 points.


Best three teams in Planici, foto: BoBo

At the end of the first round, the wind started blowing in the valley under the Ponca hills, and the competition jury soon canceled the final round, meaning that Austria won the team competition ahead of Slovenia and Norway.

Slovenia delegation in Planica Photo: Bobo


Tomorrow, the season will conclude in the valley under the Ponca hills with the final individual competition of the top thirty jumpers, and it will also mark the retirement of Peter Prevc from his career.

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