World Snow Day in Planica

World Snow Day in Planica

On Saturday and Sunday, 14 and 15 January 2017, the valley below Mt. Ponce will for the sixth consecutive year host the World Snow Day. Beside in Planica, similar snow activities will be simultaneously organized in more than 40 countries around the world.

The event may also be called "Planica games without frontiers", which are designed for children of all ages and also form a part of the movement Special Olympics of Slovenia. On Saturday, 14 January, we will thus host small and big heroes with mental disabilities. Their motto "LET ME WIN, BUT IF I CANNOT WIN, LET ME BE BRAVE IN MY ATTEMPT" can most certainly be the motto of all participants of the two-day event in Planica.

Franci Petek will visit Planica with his Mini Planica, which will conjure the beauty of ski jumps to the participants. Anja Tepeš will take care for slightly bigger brave jumpers.

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There will also be a good number of other winter activities: snowboarding for the youngest, which was a complete success of the World Snow Day in Planica 2016, sledding, tubing, ice hockey and snow football, search for hidden treasure and in January 2017, as a novelty, snow volleyball.

The event will doubtlessly be fun and memorable. In January 2016, we hosted over 2,000 smiling visitors in two days.

Our loyal event partners, whose number increases each year, will take care of delicious snacks, warm tea and beautiful prizes.

A visit to the venue, which will take place in the outrun of the small ski-jumping hills in Planica, is free for all visitors.
Equipment rentals and professional guidance of individual activities will be available free of charge for all participants.

Children's awareness that at the same time also other children of all races and cultures enjoy such an event elsewhere in the world, will surely make the event even more magical.

Immediately after the New Year there will be action, so get ready!

Programme: 14th and 15th of January

Start of programme

9.30 – 13.30
Activities on snow with professional guidance

End of programme

Each person can apply to any number of activities. Participation will not be possible without an application at the event site. Those activities that require professional guidance (snowboarding, ski jumping, cross-country, hockey, football and volleyball on snow, polygon) last for one hour. Snowboarding is intended exclusively for children up to 12 years of age and up to a height of 130 cm. Ski jumping on ''Mini Planica'' is intended for children up to a maximum of 70 kg.

The event will be organized by Ski Association of Slovenia, OC Planica.
More information: natasa@artika.si, 051 419 800

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