Slovenia's golden jump

In the first ski jumping competition at the 47th FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in Planica, 16-year-old Tina Erzar claimed the gold medal in impressive fashion, while silver went to Austria's Julia Muehlbacher, and bronze brought joy to the home crowd as it was won by Taja Bodlaj.



After the first round of the women's ski jumping competition on the normal hill in Planica, the view of the results for the host country was excellent. Leading the pack was 16-year-old Tina Erzar with a jump of 101 meters and 131.4 points, ahead of her compatriot and Youth Olympic champion Taja Bodlaj with 99 meters and 126.5 points. In third place was Austria's Julia Muehlbacher with 98 meters and 126.2 points. Jerica Jesenko jumped 92 meters, earning 112.7 points and securing the 11th position, while Ajda Košnjek landed at 93.5 meters with 107.8 points, placing 16th after the first round.

Tina Erzar took gold at home World Championship in Planica Photo: Borut Zivulović/Bobo


In the final round, Košnjek advanced to 14th place with a jump of 93 meters and 222.2 points, while Jesenko fell to 15th place with a jump of 92.5 meters and 221.5 points. The battle for the podium began with Julia Muehlbacher's jump of 95.5 meters and 250.9 points. This performance proved too much for Taja Bodlaj, who nonetheless remained on the podium, securing the bronze medal with a jump of 93.5 meters and 247.9 points. The gold and the title of Youth Olympic champion went to Tina Erzar, who performed superbly with the highest score in the final round of 97.5 meters and a total of 266.3 points!

Dreams came true for home hero Photo: OC JSWC Planica 2024


Tina Erzar became the third Slovenian ski jumper to win the title of FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Champion after Nika Prevc in 2022 and Nika Križnar in 2018.


Post-event statements:

Tina Erzar: "I am very proud to have shown a relaxed second jump and also the first one. The jumps themselves really came together for me, and I'm very happy to have achieved this in front of the home crowd."

Taja Bodlaj: "I don't have a bronze medal at the Youth World Championships yet, so I'm incredibly happy. Especially for Tina, who is so young and managed to make such good jumps, considering she won. We are happy to be on the podium together. Really nice!"

Sten Baloh, Head Coach of the Slovenian Junior National Team: "The older I get, the more emotional I become. Every such medal, such success, two medals, touch me more and more each year. I'm not sorry to show these emotions. It wasn't easy, if you're first in training four times, you might not be the fifth time, but Tina held on today, Taja made really good jumps, and that's where the joy is. And it's right that way! These two medals are not mine, but the girls', and I would like to dedicate them to Peter Prevc. On one hand, I feel sorry, but on the other hand, I know that life must go on, and Pero made the right decision. Pero, these medals go to your collection."

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