Arrival to Planica

Circle route

Free bus transport from Kranjska Gora and surrounding area to Planica will be available to all the visitors. We advise you not to go to Planica by car. Buses have priority in arriving to and departing from Planica!

Entry points for visitors:

  • Kranjska Gora: regular bus stop; in front of primary school; in front of SKB bank (pub Vopa)
  • Podkoren: regular bus stop on the regional road
  • Rateče: roundabout to Planica; intersection Ledine
  • and in addition in exceptional cases: Petrol gas station Podkoren; parking lot Zelenci; Petrol gas station Rateče (in the case of redirection of parking on nearby surfaces)

Entry points for visitors with accreditations:

  • Hotel Kompas in Kranjska Gora, by the sign OK/VIP
Start of bus circle route for visitors:
Thursday, 21.3. - 7.30
Friday, 22.3. - 10.00
Saturday, 23.3. - 6.00
Sunday, 24.3. - 6.30
Start of circle route for visitors with accreditations:
Thursday, 21.3. - 6.45
Friday, 22.3. - 10.00
Saturday, 23.3. - 6.00
Sunday, 24.3. - 6.00

Entering the event site

During the competition Planica area represents a wider event space. Retention in one spot and watching the competition is only allowed when possessing a ticket or any other basis that allows access to the control area.

Since we wish to prevent congestion at the entrances and ensure that visitors reach the event site as fast as possible, entry will take place in these steps:

1. Ticket control will be performed at the outer entrances.

2. This will be followed by entering the control area.

  • Visitors with baggage will be directed to entrances for inspection
  • Visitors without baggage will be directed to separate entrances
For faster entry:
> Have as little baggage as possible.
> If you arrive in a smaller group only one person from the group should carry baggage.
> After arriving to entry points don’t stay there for a long time, enter the event site as soon as possible.
> Have your tickets ready.
> Actively participate in baggage inspection – show the contents to security personnel.

Special traffic regime

On Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of March

Buses (min. 35 persons), minibuses (min. 20 persons) and vans (min. 6 persons) must have a parking sticker which allow police officers and security personnel faster selection and thus faster access to parking spaces in Planica, until they are filled. This sticker is required to be placed in a visible position on the windscreen (bottom right corner as seen from within the vehicle). Holders of parking stickers must read the notes on the backside of the sticker carefully and pass on the information to all the passengers.

The control of passengers' tickets in the above mentioned vehicles will be carried out on the principle of selective removal of these vehicles to control areas.

Vehicles that won't have a parking sticker and will be arriving from direction of Ljubljana will be directed to the parking lot on the plateau Karavanke even before taking the highway exit towards Kranjska Gora. After presenting tickets of all the passengers, the vehicle will obtain an appropriate sticker. In this area, there will be a special traffic regime, which will allow return back on the road towards Planica and for those who will not wish to buy tickets, back in the direction of arrival.

In as far you haven't received the parking sticker when purchasing tickets in presale, please contact the official ticket seller Kompas on: