Vip Offer

CLUB 239
Friday 120 EUR
Saturday 120 EUR
Sunday 120 EUR
All days 270 EUR

Friday 270 EUR
Saturday 270 EUR
Sunday 270 EUR
All days 700 EUR


- Children up to (incl.) 2 years have free entrance to clubs.
- Children from 3 years onwards have to buy a ticket for clubs.

Access to Planica

Free bus transport from Kranjska Gora and surrounding area to Planica will be available to all the visitors. We advise you not to go to Planica by car. Buses have priority in arriving to and departing from Planica!

Parking outside the designated parking areas, especially in grasslands, will be consistently sanctioned by the police and the traffic wardens.

Entry points for bus circle route, which starts a few hours before the competition, are located in Kranjska Gora, Podkoren and Rateče.

Circle route which is intended for visitors with accreditations also starts a few hours before the competition. Entry point is located in front of hotel Kompas in Kranjska gora, by the sign OK/VIP.

Visitors returning from Planica are kindly asked to patiently and carefully enter the buses. Entering will be guided by stewards and security personnel with the help of safety fences and controlled gates. This way congestions will be prevented and departure will be faster.


Latest news on traffic and access to Planica will be available 24 hours a day, from Friday 23rd till Sunday 25th of March.

Sustainable development

This year, you can get to Planica a bit differently. Join the Sustainable development project and travel to Planica by train, bus or share a car.


  • 7950 people traveled to Planica by train
  • improved roundabout transport
  • introduction of waste separation containers
  • introduction of a deposit for beverage packaging
  • increased offer of local food
  • 2017: 100 new waste separation containers

Also you can take part in creating the future!